Monday, October 22, 2012

Election Day is Approaching...

First off - thank you to everyone who attended our Conferences last week!!  It is so nice to meet the parents who have raised the students that we have in our classes.  We appreciate your time and effort that you have and continue to put in.

For the last couple of weeks, we have been looking at the election process.  The students have been able to share their opinions, study an electoral map, and work with their classmates to research important issues in our society today.  We are going to continue this unit until we hold a mock election on November 5th.  

This week, the students will be on computers researching the 2 candidates - Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.  They will be assigned to work on a campaign - doing research, creating campaign propaganda, and trying to convince their classmates to convert to their side.  Our mission is to get these campaigns ready - so if the voting age was changed to 12 - the students and candidates would be ready.   Most of the work should be done in class, but students may want to do things at home too: research on the computer, read newspaper articles, watch the debate, etc.  

The students will be completing a number of charts and worksheets for this unit.  They will be expected to hand them in before they vote on November 5.